September 25, 2007

I really want the golf cart I will trade anything!! If you want to trade for something with me tell me what you want I will tell you if i have it && if you wanna trade we will i will take any offers && if you think I will like something else you wanna trade for I will also take those offers please! I really want the golf cart!


Girls Outfit Ideas!

September 25, 2007

Baggy Jeans               75$

Ballernia Top            50$

B-Ball shoes (white) 40$

Total: 165$

Cargo Pants                    65$

Berry Fresh Swim Top   30$   

B-Ball shoes (white)      40$

Total: 135$

Cuffed Jeans                      65$

Cropped Top                     70$

B-Ball shoes (white)         40$

Total:  175$

Ballerina Top                   50$

Ballerina Tights                50$

Ballerina Slippers             40$

Ballerina Bow                   15$

Total: 155$

Groovey Heart Swim Top   30$

Flip Flops                            30$

Cargo Pants                          65$

Total:  125$

White Jeans                      75$

Wild Flower Swim Top    30$

Total: 105$

Yoga Pants                     70$

Yellow Tank Top          35$

Total: 105$

Boys Outfit Ideas!

September 25, 2007

Army Shirt                              45$

Cargo Pants                             65$

BBall Shoes                             40$


Blue And pink Polo Shirt         50$

Cargo Pants                              65$

BBall Shoes                              40$


Maroon Hoody                         40$

Camo Cargo Pants                    75$

Cool Sport Shades                    85$

BBall Shoes                              40$

Total: 240

Blue Football Jersey                 60$

Cool Sports Shade                     85$

Cargo Pants                                65$

BBall Shoes                               40$

Total: 250

Orange Army Shirt                    50$

Camo Cargo Pants                    75$

BBall Shoes                              40$

Total: 165$

Top Hat                                      95$

Tuxedo Jacket                            95$

Tuxedo Pants                              80$

Tuxedo Shoes                             65$


Striped Polo                               45$

Cargo Pants                                65$

Snowboarding Toque                 25$


KinzCash Tips

September 25, 2007

 My method is, first, the basics go on ever day and do the Wheel of WOW. If you get an item you dont really need dont keep it sell it at the W shop and make money off it. Then do the Wishing Well. You may think that you always get no kinzcash but if you go on every day you have a better chance of getting more and more. Then get a job at the Employment Office. You can do a job every 8 hours and make up to 350$ a time.

        Go to things to do click My Pets at the bottom and then click kinzcare and say I love my webkinz and you get free food and money every time you do that. If you go every day of the week you get entererd in a contest to win an Exclusive Item. Your not going to get get one every week.

       ThenSomes more fun ways are to play games and go to quizzeys. I know, I Know it a little boring but if you dont want to think that much do the question for little kids so its easier.

      This one is the quickest. Go through all your room and remove things you dont need like balloon,extra food and stored things you dont use to often.Then go to the Wshop and sell it!!! Also if you recive a gift from a friends with kinzpost that you dont need sell it.

Webkinz charms!

September 25, 2007

What’s It All About? 

When you buy one Webkinz charm, you will be given a Feature Code. With this Feature Code, you will be able to unlock the Magical Charm Forest. It will also unlock one row of five of the Forest Charms to be collected. Therefore, if you buy eight different Webkinz charms, you will be able to unlock all forty of the available Forest Charms.

By collecting more of the Webkinz Charms, you will be able to earn Kinzcash and other exclusive bonus items. In addition, you will be allowed to search down one of the four paths every six hours in search of more charms and prizes. Here, you will be able to click on one of the Good Fairies of the Forest in order to have the contents of her Pixie Pod revealed.

New Recipes

September 25, 2007

Ever wonder what to put in your Webkinz lunchbox? Cook up some of these Tasty treats! And your webkinz will love their lunch!

Sub, Sandwiches and Burritos

The best part of your Webkinz’ lunch is the main course! Try making a yummy Egg Salad Sandwich! It’s a quick easy and easy. To make this sandwich , use eggs, a salad & bread. [In sandwich maker]

    Do your Webkinz’ enoy spicy food? Then the Bean Burrito is perfect! Use pancakes, some cheeses and backed beans! [In sandwich maker] 

Are your Webkinz’ sick of eating Peanut Butter & Jelly? Then have them try this: Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich! Use a banana , peanuts, and bread in a sandwich maker! This is also easy and quick recipe witch will have your Webkinz’ smiling! 

Hello world!

September 22, 2007

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